The Buechner Society of Bermuda is dedicated to enhancing family literacy and the development of the literary community of the island, and is in the process of establishing a partnership with the Bermuda Community Foundation to further this work. Here is a video about our programme and partnership:

Frederick Buechner, internationally acclaimed author of more than thirty-six books, spent his formative years in Paget, Bermuda. In tribute to Reverend Buechner’s growing literary legacy, the Society organizes public readings and supports causes championed by Rev. Buechner, including the promotion of youth and family literacy efforts. The Society celebrates the grace that brought Buechner to the enchanting isle where Shakespeare’s The Tempest came alive for him by ensuring that all Bermudian children have the opportunities for self-discovery and intellectual exploration afforded by great literature. As Rev. Buechner himself writes:  “[I]t is by virtue of that same power of words that great literature is born with its capacity for not merely transmitting to us—with greater depth, richness and intensity than we are apt to encounter anywhere else—what it is to be human but for actually empowering us in some measure to become more human ourselves.” –Frederick Buechner, A Room Called Remember

Email us at info@buechnersociety.org.
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