Our Program

The Society celebrates Buechner’s literary accomplishments with public readings and cultural events to support causes championed by Rev. Buechner, including the promotion of youth literacy efforts and child support services in Bermuda.

Program activities have included:

The Read*Write*Bermuda Campaign for family literacy was created and sponsored by Reverend Buechner with the partnership of the Bermuda National Library, CedarBridge Academy, and The Reading Clinic. The Bermuda Community Foundation also played a central role in the launch of the Campaign.

Literary Celebration——St Peter’s and the Buechner Society of Bermuda invite you to an evening with musician, poet, and dramatist Ronald Lightbourne. Refreshments will be served after a Question and Answer session.

Literary Celebration——Novelist and storyteller Angela Barry, author of Endangered Species and Other Stories and winner of the Brian Burland Prize for Fiction, will be doing a reading at St Peter’s Cathedral. Refreshments will be served after the reading.

Have Book, Will Travel—Family Literacy Project at the Bermuda National Library—July through August

The Society is the proud sponsor of the Bermuda National Library’s summer reading program to promote Family Literacy. The Society believes that reading is a key to success in school and in life and that children learn by imitation. The Bermuda National Library’s outstanding program promoting family literacy will help parents, grandparents and other significant people in our children’s lives to help create whole families of successful readers. With the fun “Passport” program, children will learn that books can take you anywhere, anytime. The program will take place at both the Adult and Youth Libraries with games and crafts. All participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the program. In addition, we will honour the accomplishments of all with an end-of-summer celebration.