About the Society

The author of more than thirty-six internationally acclaimed books, Frederick Buechner forged an enduring connection to the island during his childhood in Paget, Bermuda.

In the years since he first flew Good Friday kites over Hamilton Harbor and biked down coral lanes, Reverend Buechner’s touching memoirs, insightful sermons, and reverently irreverent fiction have stirred countless souls. The disarming candor of Buechner’s poignant and witty prose gently moves us all to listen to our lives and, in paying attention to the ordinary, to see the hand of God at work in our everyday encounters.

While Frederick Buechner’s ties to Bermuda extend into a past century, his dedication to the island and its children endures. Frederick Buechner and the Buechner Society of Bermuda are working to address family literacy and the development of the literary community of the island, and are in the process of establishing a partnership with the Bermuda Community Foundation to further this important work.