On the Road with the Archangel

On the Road With the ArchangelDrawn from the ancient apocryphal Book of Tobit, this novel presents the tale of an eccentric blind father and his somewhat bumbling son who journeys with the devilishly clever archangel Raphael to seek his family’s lost treasure.

“It sings and dances, wealthy with laughter and deeply moving. Buechner is as good as we have.”–George Garrett, The Washington Post

“Buechner’s characteristic humor is here, along with the pithy insights that may become gems in sermons.”–W. Dale Brown, The Christian Century

“This clergyman can tell a story that has a theological dimension without sounding sanctimonious or trite, partly because his writing style is based on contemporary speech and partly because his turn of mind is ironic, unsentimental.”–The New York Times Book Review, Alfred Corn